About Us

Saint-Marie de Los Andes

Is a Company that was born with the goal of providing the great and ancient secrets of health, which will impact on the wellness of all of us.
With our experience in places around the world, with the support of USA laboratories, and an excellent and dynamic team of professionals, we bring into your hands from United States of America the products of Saint-Marie de Los Andes, which are elaborated with the highest standards.
The values of our company are: truth, honesty and loyalty towards our customers and suppliers. That is why we are proud and excited for being able to offer products that are so beneficial for you.
We wanted to incorporate the different cultures and religions that exist round the world, so we searched for products that would satisfy such requirements: We offer products with Kosher Certification as well as products with Halal Certification, among others.
Our proposal to improve the life standard of our customers starts with products elaborated mostly out of collagen, and soon we will bring more innovations in health and beauty products.

¿Why choose Saint Marie de Los Andes?

Saint-Marie de Los Andes products are elaborated in laboratories in USA with high quality standards. Through a customized tracking, we have been very careful at the moment of selecting the best ingredients for every product with the purpose that when you use it, you will be able to make the most out of the benefits that this product will offer to your health and beauty.