Collagen Hydrolized Powdered

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our organism; it represents more than 20% of total amount of proteins in an adult. Collagen is found on the skin, ligaments, tendons, bones, cartilages, blood vessels and other connective tissues. Collagen naturally links connective tissues offering a fastening element as well as bringing firmness and elasticity levels to these structures and has an essential role on the hydration.
Collagen is synthetized on its simplest shape in the interior of cells, shape that is formed by 3 amino acid chains that wind one over the other with the shape of a helix, offering firmness to the tissues. Collagen fiber has the capacity of mixing with many types of substances and minerals. In the bones, the combination among collagen, elastin (other protein) and other types of substances forms a gel that absorbs the impacts produced by the articulation movements. This happens with all the structures and tissues of the body.

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As years go by, the body gets older and the production of collagen gradually reduces. This reduction causes, among many things, the loss of elasticity and flexibility of the skin, pain in the articulations and muscles, bone porosity, loss of sight and circulatory deficiencies. This means that deterioration usually comes with the age. This reduction on the levels of collagen happens around the age of 30 years old, a fact that means that people should be aware to keep good health and mobility.
A suggested and simple way that allows adding and keeping the recommended levels of collagen in the organism and the correct operation of bones, articulations and muscles, is through the intake of hydrolyzed collagen.