Frequent questions

¿What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein made out of amino acids.

¿What is hydrolyzed collagen?

Collagen is a protein with 18 amino acids, that when hydrolyzed (fractured in small groups or nits of these amino acids) can be taken in orally through the digestive process and by this way providing the organism a source of protein and/or constituent amino acids of parts of the body such as skin, hair, articulations (cartilages, ligaments, tendons), bones, vital organs, muscles, cornea, nails, etc.
It does not contain any kind of fat, carbohydrates or cholesterol.
It is a source of proteins recommended for people with high energetic demand, such as sportsman, people that do work that requires physical activity and in general people older than 25 years old.

¿Where does collagen comes from?

Collagen comes from parts of the body, specifically articulations (cartilages, ligaments and tendons). It can be found in humans and animals.
Our products are particularly bovine and marine.


¿What are the Kosher products?

The Word Kosher is well understood by its followers, but at the same time its characteristics are not very known by other people in general.
This expression is associated with the concept of wellness, since its quality requires constant certification in productive process as well as in the quality of the supplies. Also, it is reached through a religious point of view, which guarantees its suitable consumption.
In Hebrew, “Kashrus”, comes from the word Kosher (or “kasher”), which means suitable or pure, which ensures the right consumption. The Kashrus laws include a legislation that stablishes the allowed food as well as the forbidden food.

¿What are the Kosher products?

For our SAINT MARIE DE LOS ANDES COLLAGEN product, we will develop the possible sources of collagen.

a.Meat and its derivatives

According to the laws of Torah, the only type of meat that can be eaten are those animals that have hooves and are ruminants.
If only one of these requirements is true, the animal cannot be consumed. Example: the pig, has hooves but does not chew.
Si se cumple una sola de estas condiciones, no se puede consumir el animal. Ejemplo: el cerdo, tiene pezuñas pero no rumia.
Likewise, according to the laws of the Torah, in order that kosher species can be consumed, they must be sacrificed by a Sochet, a ritual slaughterer.
Since Jew laws forbid making animals suffer pain, the sacrifice must be done first, leaving the animal absolutely unconscious immediately and after is sacrificed immediately as well. After the sacrifice fat, skin and veins must be eliminated. Fat, skin, veins and blood are removed submersing the animal in a bath of water at environmental temperature during 30 minutes while the meat is salted.

b.Birds and its derivatives

The only birds that can be eaten are goose, duck, turkey and chicken. This means that wildfowl cannot be eaten. Only the ones domesticated for centuries.


Only fishes with fins and scales can be taken in. For example: anchovy, herring, tuna, bratola, mackerel, cornelius, croaker, hake, salmon, sardines and trout. The rest as mollusks, seafood, shrimps, crab and lobsters are forbidden.

Kosher products characteristics

The Kosher concept does not answer to have more or less characteristics. It answers to a methodology for treating the animal and the type of animal that is being “fished”.

Kosher Certification

The Kosher certification process has had an impact on the food industry since more than 80% of the products offered by the industry contain processed ingredients, which has forced the incorporation of higher quality standards.

¿How to buy?

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